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Press Reviews


Marvin Hamlisch entertains with song and humor at Cleveland Institute of Music 

“Soprano Claire Connelly found the right balance between dulcet tones and footlight salesmanship in her delicate presentation of Jerome Kern’s “Bill,” an ode to an inexplicable love.”

Marvin Hamlisch with the CIM Orchestra 

“Soprano Claire Connelly, who recently completed her master’s at CIM with Mary Schiller, turned in a charming version of “Bill”, originally written by P.G. Wodehouse & Jerome Kern for the 1917 musical Oh, Lady! Lady!”

La Dolce Vita in Little Italy is Singing Again with Monday Night Opera

CIM Opera Theater savors the riches in Handel's "Xerxes"

“The night’s perkiest contribution came from Claire Connelly, who played the coquettish Atalanta to the charming hilt, slaying an ensemble of adoring men and singing with bright assurance.”

CIM Opera Theater offers captivating "Ariadne auf Naxos"

“Claire Connelly brought a fine soprano and vivacious presence to the Commedia Manager (a tweak from the tenor role of the Dancing Master).”

Diners at Little Italy’s La Dolce Vita are served arias amid the antipasti

“Soprano Claire Connelly sauntered seductively between tables as she sang ‘Musetta's Waltz.’ Connelly recalls one performance of the aria at La Dolce Vita during which she slinked over to a waiter, ran her fingers down his arm and winked at him.  ‘He was mortified,’ she said. ‘He had no idea it was coming, but the audience loved it.’”

Fairmount Center cast captures swirling beauty of 'A Little Night Music'

“For Greek-chorus allure a la Vienna, there’s a quintet of excellent singers.”

More highs than lows in ‘Night Music’

“Special mention must be made of The Liebeslieder Singers, who serve as a Greek chorus with uniformly fine voices. They are: William Clarence Marshall, Claire Connelly, Bernadette Hisey, Justin W. Williams and Lydia Hall.”